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This is a one - three day cleanse for the monthly challenges or the first timer. 

In this cleanse you will drink 6 juices throughout the day.

Suggested drink time

7:00 Celery Juice on a empty stomach

9:00 Classic Green

11:00 Black Magic

2:00 Co-Worker

4:00 Classic Green

6:00 Co-Worker

How does this cleanse work?

In this cleanse you will be drinking 1 juice every few hours throughout the day. By doing this you are eliminating the bodies burden of breaking down additives, chemicals, stimulants, hormones, and pesticides consumed in the standard American diet. You will be fueling your body with raw organic nutrients giving you more energy, clarity, and understanding of the body.

If this is the first time doing a juice cleanse we recommend you starting off with a 1 day cleanse.


Tips For Your Cleanse

C2 Juicery suggest to prepare for your cleanse a few days before hand to optimize your juice cleansing experience.

HYDRATE! Consuming the adequate amount of water will help flush out bodily toxins. This will help reduce any side effects that might come while you are in your cleanse. We suggest drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces.

Remove all processed items out of your diet. Canned/box food, alcohol and nicotine. Avoid dairy, sugar, and animal products. Try to fill up on whole foods such as fruits, vegetable and tree nuts.

Avoid drinking coffee. If you are a “I can’t get out of bed without my coffee” type of person. Try drinking some green tea instead.  

By removing these products, it will help mentally during your cleanse.

Day of Cleanse

HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!! Try to drink 50% of your body weight in ounces. Drinking water will help your body absorb all the amazing nutrients the juice is giving to you.

Get plenty of R & R. Your body is working hard to detoxify. Don’t decide you are going to try some Tone Flow Yoga at the Hot Yoga Studio. Instead try their Yin Yoga. Take a long walk along the river or a relaxing hot Epsom Salt bath.

Don’t get into your head! The reason you are doing a cleanse is to get your mind body and soul on the right track. Everyone is different. It is okay if you have to supplement a juice for some solid food. If you need a break from the juice have a hand full of raw unseasoned nuts or cut up fruit and veggies.

After Your Cleanse

CONGRATULATE Yourself!!! Most people chicken out at the idea of a cleanse.

It is going to be temping to indulge after your cleanse. It is important to maintain and maximize your cleanse. C2 Juicery recommends you slowly introduce foods back into your body. Start by giving yourself a small amount of dairy.  Document how the dairy made you feel. Next introduce a small amount of gluten. Again, journal what your body is telling you. Try to stay away from all processed and packaged items. Your body did not just go through all that detoxing for you to add it back in.


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