How is C2 Juicery different from store bought juice?

  • We do not pasteurize our juice.
  • We do not heat, add sugar or chemicals to our juice
  • We are 100% fruits and vegetables

What are the benefits of cold press juice?

  • Cold press juice gets absorbed into the bloodstream while giving your digestive system a rest for it to repair the gut.
  • Rest the liver. Everything we put into our bodies goes through the liver. We are constantly over loading our liver with toxins. By juicing you are stimulating the liver with good all organic nutrients.
  • Improves Energy
  • Heals cells

Where do you purchase your produce?

  • C2 Juicery uses local organic farmers

When do you deliver?

  • C2 Juicery delivers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Are you all organic?

  • Yes! C2 Juicery believes in only putting in the best quality of produce into your body. When juicing you are trying to eliminate toxins into your body not add them.

What do you do with the fiber?

  • C2 Juicery composts all the fiber. We like to use 100% of our produce.