About Me


I’m Amanda and I am a juice connoisseur with a Health Coach background.

It all started in my late 20’s. I was overweight, feeling tired, moody and unmotivated. I decided it was time to take control of my life. I started running and eating healthier. Once I got to my goal weight, nutrition was my new obsession and has been ever since.  I read all the books on dos and don’t of the nutrition world compiling a nice library. Even falling into the documentaries.

Though I looked better I didn’t feel 100%. I couldn’t understand if I was doing everything right why don’t I feel right? This is when I got into juicing. Not only did my skin and hair look better I felt better too. I bought a small at home cold press juicer. Life was good. How easy was it to drink a couple of pounds of fruit and  vegetables instead of eating it?! My everyday juice became my passion. I became a Certified Health Coach in 2016. I wanted to spread the word on juicing as much as I could. The only problem was, at home juicing can be expensive, time consuming, and wasteful. Many people do not want to spend the time or money.

I believe in getting the best nutrition in the quickest/easiest way, hence the creation of C2 Juice, LLC as I want to bring my love for juice to you so you can reap the benefits to!