Why Juice

Juicing is the easiest way to get nutrition into your daily diet. A nutritionally dense diet often leads to a healthier and happier body from the inside out.

Juicing helps your body to absorb and metabolize all the beneficial nutrient in fresh organic produce.  When you juice, the juicer breaks up the cells of the produce, separating it from the fibrous pulp. Liquids go into the bloodstream of our body then instantly absorbs the nutrition because it doesn’t need to export energy to digest fiber. Fresh juice nourishes our body with life-giving, vitamin rich, and easy to digest nutrition.

Why fresh juice and not commercial store-bought juice? Commercial juice is pasteurized, meaning it is heated up killing all the good nutrition and enzymes in the juice. Cold pressed juice is made using a special juicer called a hydraulic press, which slowly compresses produce with thousands of pounds of pressure to extract juice from the pulp. This type of juicer minimizes the amount of oxidization and heat to the juice giving you the most nutrition in a juice.

Juicing is fresh, raw and live nutrition. It is a fact; most Americans do not eat recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. The majority of people are lacking the proper levels of nutrition. Juicing helps fill the gap without having to take a large number of supplements or having to eat pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. It is much easier and less daunting to drink two glasses of fresh juice daily instead of cutting up a whole pile of fruit and vegetables.

Juicing at home can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. A at home cold press juicers can be very expensive ranging from $300 - $1300. Trying to figure out how to pair the right fruits and vegetables together can be a challenge.  Then having to make sure you are cleaning the fruit and vegetable along with the equipment properly is very time consuming.

Juicing gives your body the nutrients it needs. Our organs absorb the nutrition and cleanses to heal, repair, and nourish at the cellular level. Your skin looks better, you gain more energy, you might even lose some weight and/or even say goodbye to some health issues.